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Mom criticizes Barnet School for allegations of sexual and racial content UK News

A mother slammed a Barnet school after her son was allegedly exposed to racist and sexual content during online classes.

Suzi Ewo said her 11-year-old son, who had attended St Catherine’s Catholic Primary School, was taking a music lesson on Zoom when someone “bombarded” the meeting without video and played music with racial insults.

The mother-of-four claimed that a few days later the same lesson was interrupted again by someone who had access to it, but this time they released sexually explicit content.

She said it was a child from another school, but following the incidents at the end of January, her son was not himself and needed counseling.

Times Series: Barnet mom Suzi EwoBarnet mom Suzi Ewo

“He hated going to school from there,” Suzi said.

“He cried every day before school. We have had horrible mornings. ”

Her boy has since been taken out of St. Catherine’s School, which she says has helped her, but Suzi believes her complaints to the school are not being properly addressed.

“It’s shocking,” she said. “Even so far, the school does not receive my complaints.

Times Series: St Catherine Catholic Primary School in Barnet.Sainte-Catherine de Barnet Catholic Primary School.

“They want to put it under the rug.

“They must respect their teachings.”

Suzi, who is a senior official, has since set up a fundraising page for lawyers to liaise with the school, the board and Ofsted.

She said she wanted clarification on online safety and sex education at school.

Mother Barnet believes Zoom is not the right platform for teaching in schools and argues that Microsoft Teams is more secure, although she concedes that no platform is 100% secure.

His page has so far raised £ 647 in donations.

When the school was contacted for comment, the Chairman of the Governors, Dr A Errico, said: “The school is not in a position to comment on individual cases.”

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