Dacia unveils new logo and branding for 2022 models Car News

Dacia will adopt a modernized brand identity with a new logo, emblem and khaki green color scheme to signal its increased emphasis on off-road capability and cleaner energy.

Dacia cars will sport the new logo and emblem from the second half of 2022, with dealers switching to the new visual identity early next year.

The Romanian company claims that the new logo, which combines and reflects the letters “D” and “C” in a redefined typeface, “gives an impression of robustness and stability” and reflects “the simplistic and clever “brand. The new branding was first presented on Dacia’s Bigster concept earlier this year.

“These two new visuals are full of meaning. They reflect the ruggedness of Dacia vehicles, a quality that continues to serve millions of customers every day, ”said Dacia. “The brand’s graphics have been deliberately stripped down, to remind us that this is a brand that focuses on the essential. “

The khaki green color scheme is said to evoke the brand’s connection to nature, symbolizing the off-road capabilities of its vehicles, lower prices and a move towards cleaner energy. The all-electric Dacia Spring is already on sale in some European markets, but will not arrive in the UK.

“The essence of the brand is also embodied in its new iconography, symbolizing a need for freedom, to recharge your batteries, to get back to basics”, specifies Dacia. “These basic needs are felt by many and lead us to focus on what really matters, what the design reflects.

Dacia’s new brand identity has already taken effect in the UK, with changes to brand sites, advertising and brochures.


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