Audi Q4 E-tron review (2021) Car News

To start, you pull a slider-shaped gearshift mechanism on the center console backwards in the default drive mode, D. This allows the Q4 E-tron to roll without any noticeable regenerative braking when you let go. the accelerator. Push the slider back a notch to select B and the new Audi automatically applies greater braking force on the overtake for additional energy recovery.

Paddles on the steering wheel allow you to select the level of regenerative braking in three stages. The lower level simulates the braking force of a conventional combustion engine while the higher setting provides greater delay of up to 0.6g for maximum energy recovery on a throttle valve.

It’s a compelling powertrain, combining an asynchronous electric motor at the front and a synchronous motor at the rear. At 339lb ft, there is instant performance and smooth qualities upon delivery. The urgency of it all can sometimes overcome the otherwise exceptional traction with misguided use of the throttle in roundabouts and the like, however.

The 50 E-tron quattro Sportback certainly looks faster than Audi’s 0-62mph time of 6.2 seconds suggests. This is 0.6 seconds in the time quoted by BMW for the iX3 and 2.7 seconds faster than the Mercedes-Benz EQA. Top speed is limited to 112 mph – 12 mph more than that of the 35 E-tron and 40 E-tron due to a longer gear ratio.

The refinement is exceptional, even by electric car standards. There is a slight whine as the electric motors operate under load and a bit of wind around the side mirrors at high speed, but overall it’s very quiet and calm at typical highway cruising speeds.

A tight 10.2m turning radius provides excellent maneuverability in city driving. The steering is light and pleasantly consistent, although the electromechanical system does not provide any significant feel or feedback.

With the battery mounted low in the car’s structure and a uniformly balanced front-to-rear weight distribution, handling is well controlled, with good response in corners and low levels of body roll in tighter corners. You’d never call it engaging, but the new Audi grips well, allowing it to generate pretty high cornering speeds when pushed.

The 50 E-tron’s sport suspension sits 15mm lower than the Q4 E-tron’s standard chainstays. It can be ordered with adaptive damping control, like on our test car, in combination with a drive selection system that offers four drive modes: Efficiency, Comfort, Dynamic and Individual.

On optional 21-inch wheels shod with Bridgestone Turanza Eco tires with 235/40 profile up front and 255/40 profile at the rear, the ride is surprisingly consistent, with impressive control over small bumps and a smooth ride. shock insulation compared to larger ones.

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