Confidential coach: the electric confidence of Audi, the successors of Gordon Murray’s T50 Car News

In this week’s auto gossip roundup, Audi reveals why it is confident its positioning as a premium electric brand will continue, BMW hints that improving technology could shorten vehicle lifecycles models and more.

Audi’s electric confidence

While Audi is going all-electric, boss Markus Duesmann believes that the high-end positioning of its models will remain solid. “We believe customers will continue to be prepared to pay for products they believe in,” he said. “It happens in perfumes, in clothes, in watches, even in pencils. People will choose a brand whose values ​​embody their beliefs and values.

BMW development prediction

BMW R&D director Frank Weber hinted that model lifecycles could be shortened depending on the rapid improvement in technology. “Five years becomes a very long time for development,” he said, “not just technologically but also when you look at how the company was five years ago. See how digital dominates today compared to 10 years ago. You can expect it to be even faster over the next 10 years. “

Gordon Murray’s diversification of electric vehicles

The Gordon Murray Group has announced that it will follow its T50 supercar with a modular EV platform and a range of electric powertrains, but McLaren F1 designer Murray himself doesn’t see diversification as a dilution of his values. “We see a huge opportunity to bring our speed and expertise into the era of electrification,” he said.

Hyundai Kona N buyers

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