Couple suspected of stealing from Carats Cafe accused of leaving Harvester without paying Brighton News

A COUPLE suspected of stealing a tip jar of coffee and leaving their dogs in a hot car would be accused of eating an £ 80 meal – and going out without paying.

The couple were caught on CCTV stealing the staff’s tip jar at the Carats Cafe, Southwick on Saturday.

Hours earlier, the same two people were also involved in an incident at Madeira Drive, where police smashed a car window to rescue two dogs left in a cage in scorching heat.

Now they allegedly ate a ‘big’ £ 80 meal for four at Harvester on Madeira Drive, but then went out without paying, according to a report.

The MailOnline said the family ordered the most expensive item on the menu – shelves of slow cooking ribs costing £ 20.49 for an adult serving.

After spending an hour eating the food, the couple are said to have become abusive of the staff when it comes to paying and going out.

A member of staff told MailOnline: ‘Yes the same family walked into our restaurant and had an hour of dinner where they were absolutely horrible with the staff.

“They ordered big ribs and had four meals, but they were very abusive of the staff, really horrible, and then they got up and left without paying.

“The incident was reported to the police and CCTV was handed over. It was definitely the same couple.”

The man and woman are still under investigation after being questioned about the Carats Cafe robbery in Southwick, police said.

Superintendent Rachel Swinney said, “We recognize the tremendous interest in this matter and I would like to thank the public for providing the information.

“We are actively pursuing all avenues of investigation and will seek to identify if any other offenses have been committed as our investigation continues.”

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