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Afghan interpreters who worked with the British army land in UK today after fleeing the Taliban | World news

The first group of former Afghan interpreters whose lives are in danger because they worked for the British military are due to arrive in the UK from Afghanistan in the next few hours as part of a new government program, according to Sky News.

An airplane carrying more than a dozen Afghans employed by British forces, along with family members, are expected to land at a Midlands airport later Tuesday.

The Department of Defense (MoD) declined to comment on the theft – first reported by the Daily Mail – due to safety concerns for the men, women and children who asked to flee Afghanistan after receiving threats from the Taliban.

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Afghan nationals have the opportunity to live in the UK

Taliban militants are strengthening across the country, regaining more territory in the UK and the US-backed Afghan government. It comes as British, American and other NATO forces prepare to retire within the next three months after nearly 20 years of conflict.

The Taliban regard anyone associated with the US-NATO-led mission in Afghanistan as a traitor who deserves to die.

The increased influence of the militant group means a corresponding risk for these personnel.

Concerns over the safety of former employees, mostly interpreters, prompted the Defense Ministry and the Interior Ministry in May to expand the eligibility criteria for a resettlement program for Afghans seeking to flee .

Previously, the government had resisted pressure to allow large numbers of men and women to relocate, saying such a move would deprive Afghanistan of a pool of young talent, vital for the country’s future prosperity.

More than 3,000 Afghans are expected to take advantage of the offer, in addition to the approximately 1,300 who have already made the trip under a previous more restrictive policy. They are expected to …

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