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COVID-19: Nicola Sturgeon charged with ‘contempt’ of Parliament as dispute over travel ban between Scotland and Manchester continues | UK News

Nicola Sturgeon has been accused of “lack of courtesy bordering on contempt” after announcing a travel ban to Manchester without first consulting Members of the Scottish Parliament.

The Speaker of the Scottish Parliament and members of the Scottish Conservatives have criticized Mrs. Esturgeon on the matter, the Prime Minister being reminded that announcements should first be made at Holyrood.

It is understood that Deputy Prime Minister John Swinney approved the bill last Thursday ahead of Prime Minister’s Questions, where MPs would have had a chance to question Ms Sturgeon on politics, but the details of the change were not were announced until the next day at a press conference.

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Sturgeon “insults” Mancunians – Burnham

It comes as Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham accused the Scottish government of “direct arrogance” about the travel ban which.

In effect from Monday, it prevents anyone from Bolton, Manchester, Salford or Lancashire from traveling to Scotland and vice versa.

Mr Burnham on Sunday accused Scottish officials of being discourteous by failing to contact him to discuss the measure imposed on his region, adding that Ms Sturgeon treated the north of England with “outrage”.

Writing to the Prime Minister, he said his constituents in the North deserve “respect”.

But responding to the mayor, Ms Sturgeon accused Mr Burnham of “spawning a spat” and noted his “duty to keep Scotland as safe as possible” during the pandemic.

“If he wants a grown-up conversation, he just has to pick up the phone,” she told Sky News on Monday.

Mr. Burnham said the accusations of political posture were unfounded and that he too only acts in the best interests of his residents under decentralized administration.

But there were signs of peace on Tuesday when during a …

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