Audi Q4 E-tron 40 2021 UK review Car News

Even so, the Q4 is a pretty odd car. When you step back and enter it you will quickly see that it looks a lot less like a Q3 or Q5 from some angles than a slightly angry modern version, tall and 150 scale. % of the original A2 sedan. The car’s hood and front overhang are very short, its cabin and wheelbase are both very long compared to its overall length, and its waist is tall, with a lot of ironwork underneath.

The luxury car design convention has held for decades that the length of a car’s hood and the distance presented between the front wheel arch and the base of the windshield – “the quality gap”, as it is commonly called appeals – are essential to visualize the appeal of a car for which you might be inclined to pay a premium. Well, the Q4 E-tron doesn’t have one; couldn’t really have less than one, in fact.

He has, instead, a slightly stunted profile, snub-nosed, those busy body surfaces and two-tone arches and thresholds are all clear attempts to disguise the kind of proportions that would otherwise look awkward and bulky. It might have been fair enough, of course, if the Q4 had arrived earlier, that Audi had simply said that “electric cars are different” and that it is not fair to judge them for their aesthetic appeal. as you could for an equivalent combustion. -motor car. Ten years ago, if not five, we might have swallowed this.

But today, when electric vehicles like the Jaguar I-Pace, Honda E, Polestar 2, and Hyundai Ioniq 5 have all shown us differently? Surely, it’s up to Audi to justify its status as a design brand, and its premium positioning, with a more aesthetic electric car? In my opinion, they have far missed the mark here.

The view from inside the Q4 to the outside is not much more familiar. You’re sitting halfway between normal, typical SUV eyes, but your view of the front of the car and the outside world is hampered by steeply angled A-pillars, a steeply angled windshield, and that short hood. which tilts away from you as it moves forward, so the front end is quite difficult to judge. The angle of the car’s windshield is like this in order to provide good aerodynamics for the Q4, no doubt; also to provide room to accommodate the projector for the car’s augmented reality head-up display, which Audi touts as a major technical selling point, ahead of the driver.

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