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Alan Turing’s £ 50 Banknote Comes into Circulation – As LGBT-Inspired Artwork Unveiled at GCHQ to Honor War Hero | UK News

Alan Turing’s £ 50 banknote has started to go into circulation as a giant war hero artwork has been installed in the heart of GCHQ.

The new polymer bank of england A note depicting the famous mathematician, who is often considered the father of computer science, will be released on Wednesday, coinciding with his birthday.

The new £ 50 banknote starring war hero Alan Turing
The new £ 50 banknote starring war hero Alan Turing

To mark the occasion, a 10 meter by 10 meter rainbow canvas inspired by the LGBT pride flag was unveiled at the center of the GCHQ hub in Benhall, Gloucestershire – known as the Donut.

Mr Turing played a central role in cracking the Enigma code during his time at Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire – the home of war for GCHQ – which is said to have shortened World War II by at least two years, saving millions of lives .

Used by the German armed forces to send messages securely, the Enigma cipher machine was considered unbreakable, but the first war messages were cracked in 1940.

The artwork, created by 3D artist Joe Hill in collaboration with GCHQ’s Pride Network, features Mr. Turing inside the wheels of the British Bombe – the machine he designed to crack the Enigma code – and lies flat facing the sky.

It also contains 15 hidden codes for viewers to decipher, and will then be given to organizations chosen by the GCHQ Pride Network.

Unveiled on Turing's birthday, the GCHQ artwork was created by 3D artist Joe Hill and features 15 hidden codes.
Unveiled on Turing’s birthday, GCHQ’s artwork was created by 3D artist Joe Hill and features 15 hidden codes

GCHQ Director Sir Jeremy Fleming said: “Alan Turing was a genius who helped shorten warfare and influence the technology that still shapes our lives today.

“He was kissed for his genius but persecuted for his homosexuality.

“Turing’s legacy reminds us every day that diversity is essential and that inclusion is essential to the mission of our organization.”

He added: “Turing was and remains …

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