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Britain’s Dirty Secret: Unknown “Absolutely Dastardly” Toxic Sites Damaging the Environment | UK News

Dozens of secret toxic pits near homes across the UK are being ignored by the government.

A Sky News investigation found there were 34 acid tar lagoons officially registered by councils across the UK, but the government only registered two in England.

Acid Tar Lagoons are extremely dangerous and corrosive swamps made up of unmanaged wastes from oil refineries, mostly in the 1960s and 1970s.

Disused quarries across the country have been allowed to be filled with thousands of tons of poisonous gunge and their impact is now devastating on the environment, controlled waters and, in some cases, public health.

Sky News was taken to a dangerous site near Chester after being contacted by local councilor Matt Bryan who wanted to highlight the pits and scourge in his constituency.

Tar escapes from the ground near the lagoon
Tar escapes from the ground near a lagoon

The Hoole Bank pit contains 60,000 tonnes of toxic waste and has been boiling for decades.

Matt Bryan said: “It’s a toxic waste dump, it’s absolutely despicable to be here. There’s nothing alive here, anything close to being alive is covered in oil and tar and it’s just a generally disgusting place.

“The smell is awful and there is oil seeping into the ground around us.”

Councilor Matt Bryan
Councilor Matt Bryan called his riding’s lagoon “absolutely disgusting”

The Hoole Bank pit is less than 100 meters from the houses. Local residents are worried and worried about the impact of these dormant sites.

One of them told us: “I’ve been living here for four years, and I don’t know much about it other than the fact that it’s just down the road, it’s not good at all. everything. I have children and the environment and the health for the children is obviously not good. It will be good to get rid of it. “

Councilor Matt Bryan
Mr. Bryan said nonsense …

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