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Long Covid: Data shows two million patients in England stricken by the disease | United Kingdom | New UK News

Researchers who conducted the React-2 study at Imperial College London used self-reported information from 508,707 people over the age of 18 who participated in the project’s three to five cycles. These phases of the study, which have not yet been peer reviewed, were conducted between September 2020 and February 2021.

About a fifth of people in the study said they had had a symptom of the disease in the past.

More than a third of participants said their symptoms lasted at least 12 weeks.

About a tenth of those surveyed with symptoms said they had lasted at least 12 weeks and were severe.

Professor Paul Elliott, director of the React program at the Imperial, said: “Our results paint a worrying picture of the long-term health consequences of Covid-19, which need to be factored into policy and planning.

“Long Covid is still poorly understood, but we hope, through our research, that we can contribute to better identification and management of this disease, which our data and others believe could ultimately affect millions of people in the UK . “

Professor Elliott said during a press briefing that some studies were studying “specific elements of post-Covid syndrome”.

He also warned that for some people the disease would have “long-term consequences.”

He added: “What we don’t know is what the numbers will be.”

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