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UEFA abolishes away goals rule after more than half a century | UK News

UEFA, the governing body of European football, has abolished the away goals rule for all its club competitions from next season.

All ties in total at the end of the second leg will now go into overtime.

Paris Saint-Germain’s victory over Bayern Munich in the Champions League quarter-finals last season will be remembered as the last away goals culminate in the tournament before the rule change.

The rule, introduced in 1965, has led to some dramatic moments in recent years, including Tottenham’s success in stoppage time against Ajax in the 2019 Champions League semi-finals.

UEFA has said away goals will no longer be a separation criterion when considering matches between two or more points-level teams in the group stage of a competition.

Paris St Germain's victory over Bayern Munich in last year's Champions League will be seen as the last win on away goals
Paris Saint-Germain’s victory over Bayern Munich in last year’s Champions League will be seen as the tournament’s last away goals win.

However, the number of away goals scored in all group matches could be used as an additional separation criterion if necessary.

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin said when announcing the end of the rule: “The away goals rule has been an integral part of UEFA competitions since its introduction in 1965.

“However, the question of its abolition has been debated at various UEFA meetings in recent years. Although there has not been unanimity of views, many coaches, supporters and other stakeholders of football have questioned its fairness and have expressed their preference for the rule to be abolished. “

Mr Ceferin added that the away goals rule had started to defeat its original purpose and was deterring home teams from attacking.

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