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Barking: Emergency services called after ‘tornado’ caused extensive damage in east London | UK News

An abnormal weather event damaged homes and cars in east London.

Police were called to report that a tornado ravaged several streets in Barking at around 7.20 p.m. Friday night, destroying fences and walls and damaging cars.

A Sky News reporter who lives in the damaged roads collection said a strong wind suddenly occurred around 7.15pm.

Kiran Bhangal, 29, said he had “suddenly become very, very windy” with a gale that picked up fence posts, trash and debris and whipped them “round and round like a tornado”.

She said: “It was really shocking.

“I looked out of our daughter’s window, our garden fence flew off and a tree fell.

“The garbage and plastic bags were circling like a tornado. It was scary because they can pick up heavy objects.

“I was in shock – I thought the house was going to collapse.”

Photos and videos from the scene showed a heavy black cloud and swirling winds gathering over the area.

It all ended in “a matter of minutes,” but during that time the surrounding “six or seven streets” suffered extensive damage, Bhangal said.

Upon leaving the house afterwards, she saw houses with damaged roofs and broken windows, and rows of damaged cars.

Emergency services were on site within minutes. No injuries were reported.

Houses were damaged.  Photo: Kiran Bhangal
Houses and cars were damaged. Photo: Kiran Bhangal
Barking's sequel.  Photo: Kiran Bhangal
About seven streets of Barking were reportedly affected. Photo: Kiran Bhangal

Barking and Dagenham Police said while they could not confirm that there had been a tornado, there was a lightning strike in the area during the weather related incident.

The force said: “Police were called at around 7.20pm to report damage to roofs, electrical equipment, street furniture and vehicles on Hulse Avenue and some surrounding roads in the Barking area.

“This is a meteorological incident, during which there was a lightning strike.

“In addition to…

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