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COVID-19: Dominic Cummings warned the Prime Minister’s government could “negligently kill the most vulnerable” without testing in May last year | Politics News

Dominic Cummings warned the Prime Minister and other Downing Street officials in May last year that he feared the government was “negligently killing the most vulnerable” by failing to put test plans in place effective.

Boris JohnsonThe former chief adviser of posted the WhatsApp message on his blog, along with a message Mr Cummings claims was sent by Mr Johnson, in which the PM reportedly said: ‘All tracking and traceability is giving the impression of whistling in the dark. “

Weeks later, the Prime Minister told MPs in the Commons that the UK would have a “beat the world” test and traceability system by early June.

Boris Johnson did not respond to questions about Mr Hancock
Mr Cummings claimed the Prime Minister wrote in May 2020: “All the tracking and traceability feels like it’s whistling in the dark”

According to Mr Cummings, Boris Johnson’s post was a response to a lengthy document he had prepared for senior officials demanding more detailed planning work to be undertaken around the test and traceability system.

Mr Johnson’s response was reportedly sent on April 26, 2020, the day before the Prime Minister first appeared in Downing Street after being released from intensive care.

In the post, Mr Johnson said: “Thank you, totally agree. All of the tracking and traceability feels like it’s whistling in the dark. Legions of imaginary spikes and no plan to hire them. . Apps that are not working yet. And most importantly no idea how to reduce new cases to a manageable level or how long it will take. At that point the UK may have gotten the double distinction of ‘to be the European country with the most deaths and the greatest economic success. So your email is there. It’s spinning. “

Mr Cummings also posted a screenshot of a message he sent to a WhatsApp group titled “Action Number10” on May 3, 2020, which appears to have included Prime Minister, then communications director Lee Cain, the senior advisers Sir Eddie Lister, Munira Misra, Henry Newman, as well as …

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