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COVID-19: “No substantial epidemic” after test events for sports, music and clubbing, report says | UK News

No significant outbreaks of COVID-19 have been reported after a series of pilot events involving thousands of people, according to a new report.

58,000 people attended special events held in April and May, including the Brit Awards ceremony, the FA Cup final, the World Snooker Championship and a clubbing event.

The report indicates that 28 cases of COVID were recorded during the first nine indoor and outdoor events of the Events Research Program (ERP).

Another of the pilot events was the FA Cup final

Of those, 11 were identified as “potentially infectious during an event,” while 17 others were “potentially infected at or around the time of the event,” according to the report released Friday.

The Brit Awards, which drew 3,500 spectators, recorded no cases of coronavirus.

The events were monitored with cameras and Wi-Fi data. Participants were also asked to take a series of tests.

The Prime Minister commissioned the ERP in February.

But the program’s chief advisers, Nicholas Hytner and David Ross, warned the report “does not make conclusive public health recommendations on reopening events at this point.”

And they pointed out how the studies performed when the prevalence of the coronavirus was low.

Dua Lipa performs at the 2021 Brit Awards
No case has been detected among the British, despite its audience of 3,500 people

“Future public health measures must adapt to current levels and patterns of the virus,” they added.

“Mitigation measures” – such as wearing face coverings, ventilation, testing, social distancing and restrictions on food and drink – could help manage risks at events.

High-traffic events have the potential to “increase pressure on pinch points,” such as restrooms and food and beverage outlets, according to the report.

Areas which have an “increased density of people”, including at half-time of a football match, have been identified as higher …

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