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Delta variant: Belgian ban on British travelers will take effect from Saturday | United Kingdom | New UK News

The UK was officially added on Thursday to a list of 26 countries considered to be at ‘very high risk’ of dangerous strains of Covid. Britain and Georgia are currently the only European countries on the list, which includes countries in Africa, Asia and South America. Only EU citizens or residents of Belgium will be allowed to enter the country.

They will have to adhere to strict quarantine rules as well as pass Covid tests before they can travel to Europe.

The only exceptions for British or non-European travelers from a banned country will be stationed diplomats and transport staff, the government said.

The decision to add the UK to the banned list was taken at a government Covid committee meeting on Friday.

Belgians are concerned about the continued spread of the Delta variant, which has led to an increase in new infections in the UK.

According to the most recent official data, the Delta mutation accounts for around 6% of new Covid cases in Belgium.

However, some researchers believe that the real rate is much higher.

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“But this is a temporary situation which will be reassessed regularly.”

It comes as the UK government has added the Balearic Islands, Madeira, Malta and Barbados to its green travel list.

The UK is also planning to allow fully vaccinated people to arrive from Amber List countries without having to quarantine in the near future.

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