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Kill the Bill protests: From climate to Palestine, thousands of activists descended on London with a common goal | UK News

It was a hard-to-define protest rally at the top of Regent’s Street.

Release Palestine was a strong theme, anti-austerity following in line, Black lives matter also mingled and Extinction Rebellion brought their drummers to bring up the rear – giving the march a steady pace as it followed a well-marked path through London’s West End to Parliament Square.

But despite the plethora of causes, the thousands of protesters were all united against one thing – the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill which they said could restrict their right to protest.

The London Communists were among those who took part
The London Communists were among those who took part

Many had come out for the first time since restrictions on gatherings were lifted after the lockdown and they expressed fears that the new legislation would bring new kinds of restrictions.

“Kill The Bill” became the slogan.

Laura, disguised as Uma Thurman from Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill, came down from Doncaster with her friend, NHS worker Anne-Louise.

She said of the bill, “This is a violation of our freedom of speech. It is against our human rights and our democracy.

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Another protester, former Sex Pistol Glen Matlock, said: “I am mainly against the fact that we are not going to be able to protest very soon.

“There are a lot of different protests, but that’s the main reason I’m here today.”

Laura and Anne-Louise from Doncaster, who were present to demonstrate against new laws that could restrict the right to demonstrate. "It robs us of our human rights and our democracy."
Laura and Anne-Louise de Doncaster wanted to protest against new laws that could restrict the right to protest

Protesters threw dozens of tennis balls into the parliamentary precinct and one man, who requested anonymity, said: “They have little messages on them. Most of them are not very nice.”

The bill, which could become law later this year, states that “a fair balance must be struck between individual rights and the general interests of the community.”

It would be…

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