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Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of Bath, you’ll find a small cafe in the Guildhall Market.

Get off any day of the week and Emily Peacock will be there, serving coffees, teas, and even a few cocktails for her regulars.

The mother-of-four picked up dropout 54 in 2015, when it was called Time Out, and said “years have passed” since then.

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“When I left school, I was in the restaurant business and always wanted to have my own restaurant, but I ended up having a family very early on.

“After my divorce in 2010, I moved to Bath because I had arthritis and was going upstairs to bathe in the water.

“The dropout came at the right time and I was able to start my life over. It was my saving grace, it’s just fantastic.

“It’s very personal because I talk to everyone, I know everyone’s name and I feel like I spend my day greeting people,” Emily said.

It’s a real family business, she explained, as her mother is an avid baker and makes all of the cookies and cakes on display.

“She is 77 years old and it has given her a new lease of life,” she added.

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Emily’s kids also tried making the perfect cappuccino, baking buns, or just chatting with customers.

She said: “When Freddy first started helping he was about nine or 10 years old and people were really good when he put his thumbs in their coffee.

“The kids all make their own creations, like milkshakes with lots of candy. They come on weekends and everyone is going to say hello to them.”

Stall 54 in the Guildhall Market was once called Time Out (Image: Bath Live)

Emily also hired Harry as a paid staff member and saw him grow stronger.

She explained, “I hired Harry when I started. He has Asperger’s syndrome and no one would give him a job, so I gave him a dish job.

“At first he didn’t even look out the sink, then one day someone said ‘Can you tell me where this place is?’ and he looked up and he went “here it is.” It turned out that he had this incredible knowledge of the history of Bath.

“Honestly, Harry could be a tour guide. Now he can handle this whole business on his own and he’s like a different person.

“He’s come so far and I think that’s something I’m extremely proud of.”

Nicki (left) is Emily’s best friend at school and runs the booth next door (Image: Bath Live)

During the lockdown, Emily decided to give Time Out a makeover, changing the name to Stall 54 in a nod to New York’s exclusive club, Studio 54.

It also extended its liquor license to be able to offer beer, cider, cocktails and Prosecco to thirsty shoppers.

Even her neighboring traders come for a drink in the evening – like Caroline, who runs the stall across from Emily’s.

“She comes over and has a cider in the evening – that’s what we call a thirsty Thursday. We keep the glasses in the fridge, it’s very continental and we are known to keep all glasses nice and cold,” Emily said. .

But Caroline isn’t the only stall 54 fan among the market traders – Nicki, Emily’s best friend at school, runs a tea and coffee stand next door.

She and Emily help each other by referring bettors who want to try or buy a particular mix on each other’s stalls.

Nicki said: “If anyone asks for something at my booth I will tell them they can try it at Emily’s and if they want to buy something to do at home she can send it to me.”

Emily also goes to Nibbles, a nearby stall run by Stefan, for cheese if anyone wants a toast with their hot drink.

So if you fancy a drink and a chat in a place where it never rains, you can expect a very warm welcome at Stall 54.

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