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One of the most common complaints from dog owners after digestive issues is often allergies and skin irritations.

It’s quite natural to see your dog scratching every once in a while – in fact 10-20% of dogs itch – but when it becomes more constant, there’s likely a more serious underlying cause. .

If left untreated, persistent scratching can lead to hair loss and even injury to the flesh, luckily the solution is often straightforward.

ProDog Raw Resident Veterinarian Dr. Nick Thompson has written the following guide on the most common causes of scratching and how to fix them.

1. Skin condition

The most general cause of itching in dogs is a skin condition, usually characterized by dry or scaly skin and more molting than usual.

A skin condition can be caused by a number of factors such as weather, central heating, hormones, or stress. Many skin conditions can also be controlled by your dog’s diet; a poor diet has a surprising effect on your dog’s entire immune system, due to poor gut health.

Switching to a raw diet that includes natural fats and oils is a great place to start for improving skin condition.

Adding supplements, such as ProDog Raw’s Protect, is another great way to ensure your dog gets all the nutritional support they need to improve their gut health and, in turn, prevent skin problems and allergies.

2. Parasites

If you notice your dog scratching every day, it could be a sign that he has a parasite (e.g. fleas or mange), the scratching intensifying as the fleas multiply.

An easy way to tell if your dog has fleas is to examine the areas around the top of your dog’s hind legs and belly.

Argus: One of the most common complaints from dog owners after digestive issues is often allergies and skin irritationsOne of the most common complaints from dog owners after digestive issues is often allergies and skin irritations.

If fleas are present, you will see them crawling or brown spots (flea droppings) in their fur. There are a number of valid and effective ways to treat fleas, we recommend that you discuss with your vet the most appropriate remedy for your dog.

3. Allergies

Dog allergies can be caused by many factors, including grass and pollen, but one of the most important factors, especially with specific breeds, is often diet.

An elimination diet is one of the most effective ways to find allergies; Remove all treats from your dog’s diet and start by feeding him a particular meat for a few weeks.

If the problem seems to go away, during the third week you can start adding other foods to your diet again.

Keep adding gradually until you are sure the issue is resolved. If the problem suddenly returns, remove the last meal you introduced and go from there.

These are the three most common reasons your dog might scratch, but other factors could be at play.

Infection or pain are other causes of possible itching and discomfort, but if you are in any doubt, we recommend that you see your vet for a professional diagnosis.

Along with specific medical treatments and diet changes, adding supplements to your dog’s diet could be a great way to combat skin sensitivities and reduce irritation.

Look for supplements that contain omega-3s, quercetin, beta-glutans, and pre and probiotics, all of which can help prevent and resolve itching by promoting a healthy gut.

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