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Sensitive documents on HMS Defender’s passage through the Black Sea “found at bus stop in Kent” | World news

Sensitive defense documents containing details of HMS Defender and the military were reportedly found by a member of the public at a bus stop.

The Department of Defense (MoD) said the employee affected by the loss of documents reported it last week and the department has launched an investigation.

A member of the public found 50 pages of classified information in a soggy pile behind a bus stop in Kent early Tuesday morning.

The person, who wishes to remain anonymous, then forwarded the files to the BBC.

A map showing the route of HMS Defender
A map showing the route of HMS Defender

The documents would contain a series of documents dealing with Russia’s potential reaction to HMS Defender’s trip to Ukrainian waters off the coast of Crimea on Wednesday, and another setting out plans for a possible British military presence in Afghanistan.

A Defense Ministry spokesperson said: “The Defense Ministry was informed last week of an incident in which sensitive defense documents were recovered by a member of the public.

“The department takes information security very seriously and an investigation has been launched.

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“The affected employee reported the loss at the time.

“It would be inappropriate to comment further.”

Wednesday, HMS Defender sailed near the Crimean Peninsula in the Black Sea, a move the UK has said is in line with international law, but Russia claims to have violated its borders.

Russia says it kicked the ship out of its waters and fired warning shots at it, which the UK denies.

Russia annexed Crimea to Ukraine in 2014, and the UK recognizes the occupation of the region as “illegal”.

Newspapers reportedly described how the HMS Defender’s trip was being viewed at the highest levels of government until Monday.

And three potential responses from Russia were discussed – from “safe and professional” to “neither safe nor …

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