Twenty-three arrested after police arrested Steyning rave Brighton News

TWENTY-THREE people have been arrested after thousands witnessed a nighttime rave in the countryside last night.

Thousands of ravers face police “action” after being forced to leave the unlicensed musical event in Steyning on Sunday morning when it was closed by police.

Drone footage revealed the scale of the rally, as motorhomes and other vehicles were photographed along the countryside for miles, as officers forced the ravers to return home.

Twenty people were arrested on suspicion of offenses such as drunk driving and drugs, drug possession and theft.

Officers remain at the scene to “deal vigorously” with those who commit crimes.

Emergency services were also greeted with hostility at the site, with a police officer assaulted.

A second officer was also injured in a collision with a vehicle driven by a person leaving the event.

The driver was arrested on suspicion of impaired driving due to alcohol or drugs.

A force spokesperson said: “Public safety and the safety of our officers and colleagues in the emergency services remain our top priority.

“An instruction to leave has been given to those present at the site. If this is not followed, and provided it is safe to do so, officers will decide to end the event.

The Argus: an officer was injured in the accident An officer was injured in the accident

“To date, 23 people have been arrested on suspicion of offenses such as drunk driving and drugs, drug possession and theft, and have been taken into police custody.

“A significant number of people have visited the site from areas outside Sussex, and investigations are underway to identify the organizers responsible for this unauthorized event so that enforcement action can be taken against them .

“Officers remain at the scene and will continue to deal firmly with those who commit crimes and behave in an antisocial manner. Those who leave the event are proactively arrested to ensure drivers are fit to drive.

“There is always disruption to the road network in the area due to a large number of improperly parked vehicles, and people are always advised to avoid the area if possible.”

L'Argus: motorhomes and roof tents have been broken in the region Motorhomes and roof tents have been smashed in the area

Photos taken at the scene show officers stopping cars as they leave town, while others continue to disperse the crowds.

Dog handlers and the South East Coast Ambulance Service Incident Support Unit were also on site.

The road closures caused widespread disruption to travel by bus services, which were forced to end and restart after finishing and restarting from Bramber Castle.

L'Argus: The incident triggered a major emergency response The incident prompted a large emergency response

A spokesperson for Brighton and Hove Buses wrote on Twitter: “Due to the police closure of the road leading to Steyning our BH2 ​​services are unable to serve Steyning at this time and as such , will stop and resume from Bramber Castle until further notice. ”

Current coronavirus guidelines limit gatherings to 30 people, unless they are covered by a legal exemption.

Anyone planning to attend the event is being warned not to travel to the area and police have said they will “take action” against those who do.

Chief Superintendent Nick May said, “Our priority is to ensure the safety of the community and all who are nearby.

“We have a significant number of officers on site working to ensure the event ends safely and on time.

“This is an ongoing matter and we thank the public for their patience and cooperation at this time.”

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