An air ambulance called after a collision between a car and the police in Steyning Brighton News

A POLICE officer was injured by a driver leaving an illegal rave after hitting police.

The air ambulance witnessed the collision on Bostal Road, which is partially blocked in both directions between Newham Lane and Clays Hill.

The road had been closed this morning as Sussex Police officers shut down an illegal rave in the area.

Images taken at the scene show the wreckage of the police car stationary on the road with its airbags deployed.

The roof of the second car appears to have been cut by firefighters at the scene.

According to an AA traffic report, the roads surrounding the area remain closed.

A spokesperson said: “Traffic is partially blocked and slow due to an accident on Bostal Road in both directions between Newham Lane and Clays Hill.

“There are previous reports that the police have closed some surrounding patrols in the direction of Steyning.”

A Sussex Police spokesperson said: “A significant number of people have come to the site from areas outside Sussex, and investigations are underway to identify the organizers responsible for this unauthorized event so that coercive measures can be taken against them.

“Officers remain at the scene and will continue to deal firmly with those who commit crimes and behave in an antisocial manner.

“Those who leave the event are proactively stopped to make sure the drivers are able to drive.

“There is always disruption to the road network in the area due to a large number of improperly parked vehicles, and people are always advised to avoid the area if possible.”

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This notice was published: 2021-06-27 14:41:41

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