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Girl supports fight to display tragic Bluebird ship in museum | United Kingdom | New UK News

Gina Campbell said: “For those of you who think my father would be upset by the current situation, you are right.” Donald Campbell died in Coniston Water, Cumbria, in 1967 when his Bluebird seaplane hit 328 mph. In 2001, engineer Bill Smith recovered the body and craft and refurbished it. In 2006, Bluebird was donated by the Campbells to the Ruskin Museum in Coniston. He’s still waiting.

It was hoped that Mr Smith’s Bluebird Project could run 90 days a year, but neither could agree on the conditions.

Last week, the museum launched a lawsuit.

Gina said: “I wholeheartedly support the museum in this area. They had little choice but to claim their property.

“When I donated Bluebird K7 to the museum, it was entrusted to Bill Smith to restore it to working order.”

The museum said: “This action is really the last resort as the relationship is irreparably broken.”

Mr Smith, 54, of North Shields, North Tyneside, said there was no need for legal action. He said, “They can take their pieces away, we still have our pieces. We’re just going to build another one.

Campbell, who was 45 when he died, broke eight world speed records.

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