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COVID-19: 375,000 schoolchildren absent due to virus – highest number since children returned in March, data shows | Latest news

The number of children out of school due to COVID-19 in England is at its highest rate since schools reopened in March, according to the latest government figures.

Data released by the Department of Education shows that about 5.1% of all students in publicly funded schools did not attend school for COVID-19[female[feminine related reasons on June 24 – a total of 375,000 children.

This is an increase from 3.3% on June 17 and 1.2% on June 10.

In primary schools, 4.5% of children were out of school for reasons related to the virus on June 24, compared to 2.7% on June 17 and 1.1% on June 10.

A total of 24,000 children had left with suspected cases of coronavirus and 15,000 remained at home after testing positive.

The majority of those absent, 279,000 students, were self-isolating due to potential contact with a COVID-19 case from within their educational setting.

By comparison, 57,000 have isolated themselves after potentially coming into contact with someone who tested positive for the virus outside of their school, which is around 0.8% of all students in state-funded schools in England.

0.1% of children were absent due to school closures due to COVID-related reasons.

The data comes in the wake of calls for ministers to reconsider

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