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COVID-19: Scotland lifts ban on non-essential travel from Manchester and Salford | Politics News

The Scottish government has announced it will lift its ban on non-essential travel from Manchester and Salford.

The ban will end on Tuesday evening.

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Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon and Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham clashed over the Manchester-Scotland trip.
Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon angered Andy Burnham of Greater Manchester with the travel ban
Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham responds to Nicola Sturgeon regarding the travel ban imposed by Holyrood.
Mr Burnham said he had “serious concerns” over the ban

The decision comes following a protest between the prime minister Nicola Sturgeon and Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham above COVID rules, which went into effect on June 21 in response to increasing cases of the Delta variant.

Mr Burnham said the measure was disproportionate and the Scottish government had behaved disrespectfully.

Upon the announcement of its lifting, he said: “I had serious concerns about this travel ban and the way it was introduced and I have made it clear in recent days.

“I am grateful to the Prime Minister and the Scottish government for listening and for the decision they announced today.

The Scottish government said the policy change was made following a review of the data.

It follows talks between the two parties that took place last week.

Travel restrictions on Bolton are also easing, but the rules for Blackburn and Darwen remain in place.

Scottish Health Secretary Humza Yousaf said: “No one wants travel restrictions in place longer than is absolutely necessary.

“Impose restrictions on travel between Scotland and …

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