England-Germany euros: meerkats predict victory for the Three Lions Brighton News

A PAIR of “psychic” meerkats delighted football fans as they predicted England’s victory over Germany at the Euro.

Whenever there is a big soccer tournament you can bet there will be some pretty weird and wild animals predicting the scores.

And while the meerkats alongside the lions may seem straight out of a Disney movie, that’s exactly what happened when keepers at Drusillas Park zoo in Alfriston asked their meerkats to predict the outcome. from tonight’s game in England.

The Argus: Meerkats at Sussex Wildlife Park predicted victory in EnglandMeerkats at Sussex Wildlife Park predicted England victory

The omniscient meerkats were given two buckets of food – one draped in an English flag and the other dressed in a German flag – and were tasked with choosing which to eat.

The whistle sounded, and although the predictions started out slowly, the meerkats quickly clarified their choice.

They advanced to get behind England with new father Tyson ahead.

The fiery Tamu expressed her feelings quite clearly when she made a mistake and knocked over the bucket and flag of Germany.

In the end, all of the meerkats chose to support the Three Lions.

Drusillas chief goalkeeper Gemma Romanis said: “We are all very excited to see what England can do against Germany and all of our goalkeepers are supporting the team and are hopeful that they can advance to the quarter-finals.

“We thought of a better way to support England than treating our group of meerkats with their favorite mealworms while they enjoyed some football-themed enrichment.

Argus: meerkats predict Euro success for EnglandMeerkats predict Euro success for England

“There are two twin puppies in the group and they really enjoyed all the activities. We all hope that England can achieve a great victory against Germany.

“Of course we wish everyone the best of luck, but it would be nice to win.”

While this may seem like an odd activity for the animals at the zoo, the entire football-themed process has been designed to be part of the zoo’s enrichment program, which ensures that a diverse diet is enjoyed in a way. imaginative and unusual.

Enrichment is carried out daily in all enclosures to encourage animals to work a little more for their food as they would in the wild, as well as mental stimulation.

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