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British foods threatened with extinction without action on biodiversity UK News

The British have been urged to take urgent action in a biodiversity crisis that could wipe out many of our most valuable crops.

Without urgent action now to help our pollinators, we risk losing highly valued foods such as British fruits.

The Arla Dairy Co-operative has teamed up with Buglife, one of the UK’s leading pollinator protectors and supporters, to launch a national rallying cry for the UK general public to donate a corner of their gardens to help save our pollinators.

They call on the nation to join them in building the BEE ROAD, a nationwide network of pollinator stops filled with bee-friendly flowers.

“One in three mouthfuls of the food we eat each day depends on pollinators,” said Paul Hetherington of Buglife. “These pollinators are the backbone of our biodiversity and without them there would be no strawberries, apples, cherries, carrots, British pumpkins and many other foods that we love, as well as the flowers in our gardens and Urgent action is needed now, or we risk losing the food and plants that are an integral part of the British way of life.

“Arla’s Bee Road initiative is a simple yet effective way to make a real difference and something we fully support.”

About a third of the food we eat each day depends on pollinators such as bees, butterflies and insects. Arla farmers have long been committed to cultivating pollinator plots on their 2,300 farms across the UK.

Arla and Buglife are on the ground to join them in building the BEE ROAD – a nationwide network of pollinator stops filled with bee-friendly flowers

And they’re donating more than 100,000 seed packets to help build a nationwide network of pit stops for bees in gardens, plant pots, planters, balconies and hanging baskets across the UK.

“It’s a simple idea that promises to thrill everyone. Not to mention giving bees and insects a safe place to rest and refuel as they help produce the food we love, ”said Roger Hildreth, Arla farmer.

“By working alongside Buglife we ​​see how urgent this problem is and we believe that now is the time to ask the nation to also answer the call and help us help nature. The Arla Farm ‘pollinator pit stops’ already form the backbone of what we call the Bee Road, but bees need more and so we need the general public and UK businesses to join us and fill them. gaps.”

To claim your free Bee Road Seed Pack and learn more, visit

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