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Ad! Friday June 25 International Symposium of Women in Business is aimed at businesswomen around the world.

Four fabulous speakers sharing their professional experience, as well as the unique network connections on the brand new conference platform, Hopin.

International Symposium of Women in Business is a collaboration between a local businesswoman Jackie Groundsell, Owner of 1230 The Company of Women and Birds on the blog, and Sian murphy (based in Kent) owner of Radio show about women in business. Sian and Jackie tell us, “The past 15 months have challenged businesswomen around the world. Hosting events online has eliminated the risk of face-to-face meetings, while also helping women feel connected. ”

“We knew that by helping businesswomen come together and talk, the isolation would reduce and we would find common meeting points. We also wanted to collaborate and the International Symposium of Women in Business. was the perfect project.

Jackie is no stranger to organizing events for businesswomen. Alongside International Women in Business, she manages 1230 The Company of Women (TWC) with regular monthly “physical” meetings and conferences since 2002 – yes, 2022 will see them celebrate their 20th year in business!

As soon as the Covid 19 measures took hold, Jackie decided to support businesswomen in this difficult time by taking the 1230TWC online meetings. The meetings began to offer weekly encouragement with inspirational speakers, workshops and networking to support businesswomen in such a difficult time.

Participants found the dynamic meetings encouraging, giving them new skills and brainstorming opportunities during such a difficult time. As life with Covid and the lockdown began to take hold, mutual support and 1,230 TWC helped re-energize their businesses.

In addition, members also have the option of a 45 minute mentorship with Jackie. In January of this year, the meetings were adapted to bimonthly events, always with speakers, workshops, brainstorming and networking.

Another newbie for 1230 TWC is the Banter & Bevvy Lounge. These meet monthly, with no set agenda, where businesswomen can come and relax, log in to discuss whatever they want for an hour of fun online.

Meetings and events will continue online and run alongside the monthly “physical” meetings which are scheduled to resume in January 2022. Find meeting details and contact Jackie at 1230TWC.

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