New Alpine R5: 215 hp electric hot hatch scheduled for 2024 Car News

The reinvention of Alpine as an all-electric brand will begin in 2024 with a hot redesign of the Renault 5 supermini, followed by an electric successor A110 and a larger grand tourer-style car.

The French performance brand is preparing a three-car “dream garage” for its transformation into Renault’s premium electric brand.

This will include the next generation A110, a two-seater sports car that Alpine is currently co-developing with Lotus, using a bespoke platform.

The lineup will also include a hot version of the renaissance Renault 5, which is expected to arrive in 2024 to replace the Zoe as Renault’s electric compact sedan.

While the regular 5 will use a 134 hp (100 kW) electric motor, the Alpine R5 will use the 215 hp (160 kW) engine from the upcoming Mégane E-Tech Electric crossover.

Gilles Le Borgne, Renault technical director, said: “We have derived the 100 kW motor by shortening the length of the electric motor that we will be using for the Mégane. It can go through the same production line and has the same technology but less copper and other elements, so it is shorter.

Asked by Autocar if the larger 215 hp engine would fit into the 5’s CMF-BEV platform, Le Borgne said: “The final answer is yes, because we want to make alpine cars, as you can. ‘imagine. By shortening the motor, we have the same overall installation. The track will have to be adjusted because it will be sportier on the R5 Alpine. “

In its first incarnation, Alpine produced a hot version of the original 5 (although it was badged the 5 Gordini in the UK, because Chrysler owned the rights to the Alpine name at the time).

The third silhouette appears to show off a premium coupe with a grand touring profile, suggesting a rival to the Audi E-tron GT fastback or the next-gen Porsche Macan SUV.

This car will use Renault’s CMF-EV platform and could be presented as a hot version of the new Mégane crossover. It will use that machine’s 215 hp engine on the front axle, but Le Borgne added that “at the rear we will have a big surprise”.

He declined to give details but said: “We want to make torque vectoring and handling performance really amazing, as you can imagine for an Alpine.”

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