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COVID-19: Face masks will be a “personal choice” under a “much more permissive regime” | Politics News

There will be a “much more permissive regime” of coronavirus measures in England after July 19 – wearing face masks being a “personal choice,” a minister told Sky News.

Speaking to Trevor Phillips on Sunday, Robert Jenrick said the success of Britain’s COVID-19 vaccination program means the government is “able to think about how we can get back to normal as much as possible.”

The Housing Secretary added: “The data we are seeing, which the Prime Minister is reviewing right now ahead of his decision point on the roadmap, looks very positive.

“It looks like we can now move on and switch to a much more permissive regime where we step away from many of these restrictions that have been so difficult and learn to live with the virus.”

Asked about reports that face masks will no longer be mandatory after July 19 – when the fourth stage of England’s COVID restrictions roadmap is currently scheduled – Mr Jenrick said: “Like many people, I want to get away from these restrictions as quickly as possible, and we don’t want them to stay in place for a day longer than necessary.

“We will now enter a period where there will be no legal restrictions – the state will not tell you what to do – but you will want to exercise a certain degree of personal responsibility and judgment.

“So different people will come to different conclusions on things like masks, for example.”

He added that it would be a matter of “personal choice”.

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