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Ofsted has announced that its full program of graduate school inspections will resume this fall.

The government department, which is responsible for inspecting schools and other children’s social services, resumed surveillance inspections in May, after suspending operations during the coronavirus pandemic.

Follow-up inspections focused on schools rated “insufficient” and “in need of improvement” during their last two full inspections.

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A spokesperson for Ofsted said: “We will continue to prioritize inspections of all schools where significant concerns are raised, if necessary.”

Schools that receive an “exceptional” rating are exempt from regular Ofsted inspections, but they can also request an inspection.

An exceptional school grade means that they are providing “the highest quality education and care for their children.”

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There are four possible Ofsted ratings that a school can receive. These Ofsted scores are based on four Ofsted categories: educational quality, behavior and attitudes, student personal development, and leadership and management.

When Ofsted goes for a full inspection, they provide a grade as well as a report, which gives schools feedback on how to move forward and encourage good practice.

Here is the full list of schools in Somerset that currently hold an ‘Outstanding’ rating:

Ash Church of England Primary School

Martock Coeducational Primary School received the grade in 2006.

Ashill Community Primary School

Ashill Community Primary School, Ashill, 2014

This Ilminster primary school received an Outstanding Ofsted rating in 2013.

Axbridge Church of England First School Academy

Axbridge Primary School received its rating in 2008.

Beckington Church of England First School

The Frome Coeducational Primary School received its grade in 2014.

Berkley Church of England First School

This Frome co-ed primary school was first rated Outstanding in 2011.

Burnham-On-Sea Community Kindergarten

The seaside school was inspected in 2009.

The castle school

This Taunton mixed academy was classified in 2009.

Curry Mallet Church of England Primary School

This mixed primary school was classified as exceptional in 2014.

Church of England Enmore Primary School

Bridgwater Primary Academy was ranked Outstanding in 2009.

Special School of the Five Ways

Yeovil Special Community School was rated Outstanding in a 2017 inspection.

Greenfylde Church of England First School

Greenfyld Church of England First School on Silver Street in Ilminster (Image: Google Maps)

This co-ed primary school in Ilminster was rated outstanding after a 2009 inspection.

Heathfield Community School

Taunton Community School received the grade in 2015.

School of the Holy Trinity Church

Yeovil School received the grade in 2014.

Holyrood Academy

Chard’s secondary academy was rated outstanding after a 2013 inspection.

Heathfield Community School in Taunton

Horrington Elementary School

Wells Elementary School was ranked Outstanding in 2011.

Hugh Sexey College of the Church of England

This co-ed primary and secondary school in Wedmore was rated exceptional after an inspection in 20012.

Huish Primary School

This primary academy was classified exceptional in 2009.

Kingfisher Elementary School

This primary school in Yeovil was classified as outstanding during an inspection in 2019.

Meare village primary school

Glastonbury Primary Community School received the grade in 2013.

Primary school of the village of Meare 2010

Néroche Primary School

Ilminster School was ranked Outstanding in 2013.

North Curry CofE Elementary School

Taunton Coeducational Primary School was inspected in 2014.

Old Cleeve CofE School, Washford

The Watchet mixed primary school was classified in 2011.

Preston CofE Elementary School

Yeovil Primary School was rated Outstanding after a 2012 inspection.

Primrose Lane Elementary School

Yeovil Academy was ranked Outstanding in a 2019 Ofsted report.

The modern interior of Primrose Lane Primary School, Yeovil, which first opened in the summer of 2017, but had a grand opening on January 16, 2018 (Image: Somerset County Council)

Richard Huish College

Taunton Sixth Grade College was inspected in 2007.

South Petherton Church of England Infants and Pre School

The mixed primary school near Yeovil was rated outstanding in 2013.

South Petherton High School

The co-ed primary community school was classified as exceptional in 2014.

Spaxton CofE Elementary School

Bridgwater Primary Academy received the Ofsted designation in 2014.

Spaxton C of E VC Elementary School (Image: Google)

Saint-Joseph Catholic Primary and Kindergarten

This Burnham-on-Sea volunteer primary school was rated outstanding in 2008.

St Vigor & St John Church School

The primary school of the Radstock Academy was classified as exceptional by Ofsted in 2007.

College fast

This general continuing education college for students aged 16 to 18 was classified in 2014.

Trull Church of England VA Primary School

This Taunton volunteer school was ranked exceptional in 2007.

Primary school voluntarily controlled by the Walton Church of England

The voluntarily controlled Street School was classified as exceptional in 2011.

First school of Weare Academy

This Weare primary academy received the Ofsted rating in 2007.

West Pennard Church of England Primary School

This Glastonbury school was rated outstanding in a 2014 inspection.

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