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COVID-19: Questions remain for businesses after PM announces removal of work-at-home order | Economic news

The Prime Minister has announced that he wants to cancel the home work order later this month, as he prepares to end remaining restrictions on coronaviruses in England.

But the companies have asked for urgent clarification on what they will need to do to keep staff and customers safe, saying the “logistical headache” they face has not gone away.

At a press conference on Monday, Boris Johnson said: “The government no longer tells people that it is necessary for them to work from home – the rest is really for employees and employers to work for themselves.

“This change was made possible by the successful deployment of the vaccine.

“The overwhelming proportion of the workforce has had two jabs, so we’re talking about a huge wall of immunity.”

So far, 86% of UK adults have received at least one dose of the vaccine and 64% are fully vaccinated, with the government aiming to give both vaccines to anyone over the age of 18 by mid-September.

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‘If not now, then when?’ PM question on restrictions

Shevaun Haviland, managing director of UK Chambers of Commerce, said companies still lack the “full picture they desperately need to plan for unlocking.”

“Much remains to be done, companies do not yet know the future of self-isolation rules, whether testing will remain free for them, or when international travel will effectively open,” she said.

“Without clear directions for companies around the new proposals, there could be real uncertainty about how they should operate in the future and what they should do to keep staff and their customers safe.

“This could lead to a fragmented, patchwork approach with very different positions taken by many companies, in many places. This, in turn, could seriously undermine public opinion …

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