An ecosystem supporting the integrated security of IoT is an essential strategy in the digital economy. Business News

Whether you build or buy, IoT security is a must for all of us

An ecosystem supporting the integrated security of IoT is an essential strategy in the digital economy. Here are the three essential skills needed to be successful:

The range of IoT products available is wide and constantly growing. The industry estimates that there will be billions of IoT devices over the next decade that will connect virtually everything in our homes and businesses. Secure and trusted identities and IoT data, assured at the source and at the point of exchange, will be a catalyst for digital growth.

Change in perception of safety

Traditionally, under heavy commercial pressure, IoT device manufacturers have prioritized performance and price over device security. Failure to build trust into connected devices can lead to costly and disastrous consequences. With the ever-increasing number of connected devices, all stakeholders, including IoT device manufacturers, service providers, and companies designing services, must change their perception of IoT security from a ‘good to have’. To an “essential”. Security will be an essential part of the user experience and will enable businesses to gain long-term engagement from their customers. “Companies that place the responsibility of building trust at the heart of their social contract with their users will win in the connected future,” says Vincent Korstanje, CEO of Kigen.

Unlock the data opportunity with confidence

At the heart of virtually all of our digital engagements is the need for strong authentication and a standardized approach to building trust – made ubiquitous by SIM technology in our smartphones. This plastic SIM card has undergone a huge evolution over the years. Now, the same ruggedness and safety reliability can be built into circuitry, or even built into the cellular chipset with a secure operating system, for devices that may be smaller, draw more battery power. effectively and comply with more stringent security levels.

Recognizing that the key to digital growth with IoT requires innovation to come from companies of all sizes. Kigen enables businesses to build trusted, connected goods and services that scale quickly with built-in SIM security. Ultimately, simplified access to actionable information will help businesses leverage IoT to grow.

An ecosystem approach to growth

For many companies looking for a competitive edge in fast growing markets, it can be difficult not knowing where to turn to build secure IoT products by design. “Kigen is about democratizing trust in the IoT, creating a market where more flexibility and choice allows many options to build trust from the outset of the device,” says Korstanje. Large groups of partners provide choice, a shared vision of interoperable solutions and streamlined supply chains that can make all the difference when getting to market quickly. Deep partnerships simplify digital transformation and ensure clients get the best expertise, skills, and outcomes possible for their investment – something more important than ever in these turbulent times.

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