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Sainsbury’s announces controversial rule change from July 19 UK News

Sainsbury’s will drop the face mask rule when all legal lockdown restrictions are removed when stage four of Boris Johnson’s roadmap continues.

The prime minister bet on confidence in the public’s judgment and the protection offered by vaccines as he abolished the mandatory wearing of masks and lifted social distancing requirements.

The so-called “freedom day” is expected on July 19, with the decision to go ahead or not made a week earlier.

He said the country will have to start “living with Covid” and confirmed that all legal restrictions against coronaviruses, including wearing masks, social distancing and nightclub closures, will end at Stage 4 of the government plan to ease England’s lockdown

And the supermarket chain has followed Mr Johnson’s lead in saying that staff and customers will be allowed to make their own choices when it comes to wearing a face mask.

Sainsbury’s became the first supermarket to announce a change in its face mask policy following Boris Johnson’s press conference in Downing Street.

Simon Roberts, Managing Director of Sainsbury’s, said: “I think ultimately it will depend on the choices individual customers and colleagues want to make.

“It will be the choice of clients and colleagues.

“We will clearly follow the advice of the government, we will continue to listen to our customers and colleagues, and we” will respect and support the individual choices that clients and colleagues want to make. ”

The decision to wear a face mask has divided opinions since the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday and it was no different for Sainsbury customers.

With cases still on the rise, some have even pleaded with the company to keep face mask rules in place to keep people safe.

Sajid Javid said he plans to wear a mask “for the foreseeable future” after the government announced their use would become voluntary at the next stage of the roadmap.

The Health Secretary said it was a “responsible thing for anyone” as he confirmed he would continue to wear a face cover in certain situations in public.

Experts remained divided on the matter, but the health secretary said it marked a shift towards individuals with personal responsibility rather than laws regulating their way of life during the pandemic.

Mr Javid told Sky News: “For the foreseeable future I will be wearing a face mask with me, I think that is a very responsible thing for anyone. Like I said, the pandemic is not over. .

“If I am in a crowded or confined space, I will wear a face mask. In fact, I will wear one if I was next to someone or near someone who felt uncomfortable around others not wearing face masks.

“And that’s what I mean by personality responsibility.”

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