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Climate Change: Payments to Households Considered to Offset Green Energy Costs Towards Achieving Net Zero Target | UK News

The government plans to pay families to help them offset the rising cost of gas bills and encourage them to switch to green heating.

The potential program, first reported in The Times newspaper and confirmed by Sky News, means the amount paid would stay the same even if a homeowner reduced their gas bills by more effectively insulating their home or installing a heat pump. , allowing him to keep the difference.

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“Politics messes everything up” – Arnie on climate change

The idea is modeled on a Canadian policy in which the first adult in the household receives an annual payment of around £ 129, with the rest of the household receiving smaller amounts.

It would be paid for by a new carbon tax.

Along with the annual payment policy, the government is also considering a program to help people dispose of their gas boilers and invest additional funds in the proposed clean heat subsidy, which would help people pay for low carbon heating systems such as heat pumps.

The Prime Minister’s spokesman said: “Any measures that we introduce will have to be fair to consumers and represent good value for money. But no decision has been taken on the targeted measures, we will take them.

“But I would also like to reiterate what the Prime Minister told the Liaison Committee earlier this week, he said this government is determined to keep the bills low, and that is a priority.

“The only way to do that is to build markets in a very systematic way to make sure we have the technology and to make sure it’s affordable.”

The way we heat our homes accounts for 15% of UK carbon emissions.

There are around 19 million homes in the country that need to be better insulated and switch to more environmentally friendly heating methods if the government is to meet its zero carbon footprint …

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