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Priti Patel signs agreement to expel Albanian criminals and failed asylum seekers from UK more quickly | Politics News

Criminals and failed asylum seekers from Albania will face a faster return to their countries of origin under a new deal secured by Priti Patel.

The post office-Brexit agreement, signed by the house secretary with the Eastern European country on Thursday evening, will make it easier for the UK to remove convicts from Albania.

It will also simplify the UK’s ability to return Albanian citizens whose visa status has expired, the Home Office said.

Priti Patel
Home Office says deal will also simplify UK’s ability to return Albanian citizens whose visa status has expired

Albanian nationals constitute the largest number of foreign offenders in UK prisons, totaling 16% of the foreign offender population (FNO).

Data released by the Home Office shows the government has expelled 254 Albanian criminals from the UK since April, as well as 85 Albanian nationals without legal status to stay in the country.

In May this year, an Albanian organized crime boss from London who stabbed a club bouncer in Seven Sisters three times in the heart was banned from returning to Britain.

The bilateral deal, finalized by Ms Patel during an official visit to the Albanian capital Tirana this week, follows the interior minister’s plan to overhaul the immigration system.

Signing the deal with Albanian Home Secretary Bledar Cuci, Ms Patel said she was not apologizing “for dismissing dangerous foreign criminals to protect the British people”.

“I am determined to fix our immigration system, crack down on illegal entry and remove as quickly as possible those who are not entitled to be in the UK,” Home Secretary said .

“Our new immigration plan, coupled with this new deal, will speed up the removal of Albanian nationals who have committed crimes in the UK and are past their reception.

“I make no apologies for expelling dangerous foreign criminals to protect the British people and, so far, that…

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