History of vRS: How Skoda Created a Sports Car Brand for Everyone Car News

As with the Octavia, the Fabia is not a sharp, scalpel-synapse machine (its steering is too slow and mute, its balance is geared towards safety before pushing), but it can be jostled hard. Its borderline composure and compact dimensions combine with the engine’s hay punch to allow incredibly fast progress over the ground.

True to the vRS form, where the Fabia really stands out from its old rivals, is its ability to slip seamlessly into everyday life. Its light and airy cabin has more space than most and the flexibility of five doors, while its long-stride sixth gear gives it long-haul credentials. Factor in an easy 40 mpg, even when you’re going hard, and it’s easy to see how this has become a cult car – and why its gasoline-powered, DSG-equipped replacement never quite got caught up in it. ailments in the same way.

Get behind the wheel of the Octavia vRS all day following our heritage cars all day and you can instantly feel that it is imbued with the same DNA as the originals. Yes, it’s wall-to-wall touchscreens and TFT displays inside, and the combination of its 242bhp 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine, stubborn grip, and limited-slip differential leaves old cars behind. out of breath, but the same character traits of performance and practicality (no compact family hatch is more accommodating) are present and correct.

Like his ancestors, he needs to be driven hard to awaken his sporty side. At less than eight tenths, it feels little different from an Octavia SE, making it a cinch to experience when you just want to ‘get there’, but push through the initial distance and you’ll discover a nimble trap door. and entertaining who can run very hard indeed. In the real world, you rarely need to go faster. Oh, and at £ 30,620 that will save you £ 3,000 compared to the price of a smaller but otherwise identical Golf GTI.

It is this unique Swiss Army Knife approach that has served the vRS models so well over the past two decades. As competitors increasingly focus on driver thrills at the expense of day-to-day livability, Skoda has stuck to its guns in delivering fast, high-performance cars that don’t break the bank, are usefully discreet and can transform their wheels to almost anything.

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