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Stigma and Unique Approach Creates Barriers for South Asians Seeking Mental Health Help, Experts Say | UK News

South Asians are less likely to access mental health support due to stigma and a lack of awareness – and when they do, there are often barriers in treatment due to services offering support. “unique approach”, according to some experts.

Dr Tina Mistry told Sky News that “talking about the fact that someone might be in trouble” comes with “huge stigma” in the South Asian community and that there is often “a lack of knowledge of available services “.

These factors contribute to low engagement with Mental Health services, but when people have access to help, they often face cultural and language barriers.

Zoom with Dr Tina Mistry
Dr Tina Mistry says for many South Asians, services do not meet their needs

Dr Mistry said: “There is a huge problem surrounding the conceptual understanding of what mental health really is within the South Asian community.

She said “because the NHS is a unique approach “, this means that for many access services,” it does not or does not quite correspond to their conceptual and cultural needs “.

“This is a huge problem because it is not going to be cured overnight,” she added. “It’s a two-way conversation that needs to take place … between service providers and the community.”

Hakeem, who is not her real name, suffers from depression and anxiety.

His problems stem from childhood trauma and were compounded when he was the victim of domestic violence.

“I was living two lives, one in front of everyone at work and with family, and the other behind closed doors where I live and it couldn’t go on,” he said.

“The types of issues I was facing were getting bigger and bigger, and the underlying issues were never addressed, so I encountered new obstacles without ever settling, working, or talking about things that bothered me. years.

He said that deep down he felt suicidal.

Pic: VT always Hakeem
Hakeem feared his …

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