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Premium focuses on fuel, braking, cooling and steering systems and currently 13 cars – including the 360, 456, 550, 575, 612 Scaglietti, F430, 599 and Ferrari Enzo – qualify for the program. Depending on their finances, customers can specify the full premium parts package for all four systems or have it delivered and assembled step by step, paying as you go. For example, an owner may choose to have the brake system renewed during routine car brake maintenance, or the cooling system when the coolant is changed.

Whatever their decision, when choosing to give their car the Ferrari Premium treatment, owners should at the very least purchase the so-called Starter Parts Pack. Packs and prices differ by model but for the 360, for example, the starter pack includes parts for the fuel system, including pumps, hoses and valves. Including VAT and labor, which varies by dealer, it costs around £ 4,000 with the balance of the full Premium kit at an additional £ 8,400. So far more than 50 British cars have joined the program and 400 across Europe.

In addition to Ferrari Premium, there is a program for cars 20 years and older called Ferrari Classiche. Named after the Maranello department that verifies and authenticates classic Ferraris, the process begins with an inspection by a participating Ferrari dealership in the UK. They examine the car from cover to cover, paying particular attention to its originality, and support their report with photographs. This material is sent to Ferrari Classiche for verification and approval. The selected cars receive a certificate confirming the condition and originality of the car, as well as a large leather-bound briefcase filled with supporting documents. For rare Ferraris in particular, Classiche is a valuable asset that can enhance a car’s value.

Like Ferrari Premium, the cost of Classiche varies from model to model. At its cheapest price, it costs ¤ 6,100 including VAT (factory must be paid for separately), which works out to around £ 5,215 at current exchange rates, plus UK dealer inspection fee of £ 1,200 including VAT. Models attracting this load include the 360 ​​and 550. At its highest price, Classiche approval costs 18,300 about (around £ 15,645) plus dealer inspection fees. Only the rarer models – for example, a 250 TR from 1958 – attract this higher rate.

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