How JLR boss Thierry Bolloré will reinvent Britain’s biggest car company Car News

“It was one of the toughest decisions I’ve ever made, especially since my first month, but the XJ was a completely different type of car than what we were offering – different in terms of technology, battery chemistry. , electronics, size, performance. and market position. It would never have been in accordance with our plans.

Living in UK

“I live with my wife in Warwick, but I have a place in Brittany, where I was born. I don’t think I’m a workaholic, although my wife sometimes says something different. I get up early, around 4:30 am, to jog or read books or just have time for myself. I like to be organized, and I delegate as much as possible. I don’t like doing the work of my teammates.

The future of I-Pace

“It’s fair to think of I-Pace as a transitional car. I have a 2021 model that I use every day and I think it’s a fantastic car. We will continue to develop it over the next few years, and it will still be there in 2025, although it is not part of the new model portfolio.

Harnessing the Jaguar Legacy

“It is true that our new models of electric vehicles will look to the future, not to the back, but our heritage will not be allowed to slip away. Just look at what’s going on at Jaguar Classic, a great company. I just wrote personally to buyers of our classic twin Jaguars which cost around £ 1million for the pair. They are not old people.

Be involved in motorsport

“We are already heavily involved in Formula E with Jaguar Racing, and there is a big debate about other activities. I am a fan of motorsport programs. What better way can you have to demonstrate your excellence in technology and innovation? Where else can you show your state of mind, your determination? “

Whether he is passionate about cars

“Oh yes I am. But I’m more of a mobility guy than just a car guy. Fifteen years at Michelin does that to you, and then I was at Faurecia, where we made cars but cooks. At Renault, I had a lot to do with the Alpine A110, because when [then COO] Carlos Tavares left, I took part of his wallet. I have an A110 and I love driving it, even in Paris.

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