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Every England goal against Italy could cost fans “nearly £ 12,000,000” UK News

According to new research from financial experts, each England goal will cost fans nearly £ 12million.

The nation will be at a standstill as the Three Lions finally try to add to the 1966 World Cup triumph.

England’s first-ever European Championship final is the reward for years of progress and a month to cherish in these difficult and divided times.

After dominating Group D, finally beating old German opponents and sidelining Ukraine, Harry Kane beat Denmark 2-1 in extra time to finally put an end to their semi-final.

Alcohol consumption is likely to be high, with Boris Johnson being asked to grant an emergency public holiday on Monday if England win.

And with beer in hand, there’s no doubt we’ll see the modern phenomenon of fans throwing their pints in the air in celebration.

According to financial experts at Raisin UK, 3.2 million pints of beer will be tossed into the air during the Euro 2020 England-Italy final on Sunday.

With the average pint of beer costing £ 3.69 (and London at £ 4.44), the overall value of the 350,000 pints tossed into the air is £ 1,291,500, or around 6 weeks’ salary for the captain. English Harry Kane. .

If 3.2million pints are purchased on July 11, that will increase to £ 11.8million in spending, which equates to 59 weeks pay for Captain Harry Kane.

If the euro final were to attract 35million viewers, that would equate to a forecast of 3.7million pints, for a total of £ 13.6million in spending for the hospitality industry.

Although this figure could increase further.

The British Beer and Pub Association estimates that nearly 13 million pints could be bought on Sunday.

He estimated that 7.1 million of these would be sold over the course of the game itself if it ends in normal time, which equates to almost 1,000 pints per second.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has previously said pubs can stay open until 11:15 p.m. on Sunday to reduce the risk of patrons being asked to leave before the game is over.

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