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COVID-19: Nightclub owner avoids government COVID passport before reopening | UK News

The owner of the REKOM UK nightclub has said he will not apply for vaccine passports at its doors when the venues reopen.

This comes despite the government advising clubs to do so after most Coronavirus restrictions lifted in England on July 19.

Peter Marks, the chief executive of the company, which owns 42 nightclubs including chains Pryzm, Bar & Beyond, Eden and Fiction, told the PA News Agency that the reopened nightclubs would operate in the same way as commercials.

Mr Marks said he was “delighted” that nightclubs could reopen “at full capacity and without any negative COVID test requirements, which we believe would create a barrier to both guest enjoyment and the revival of the industry “.

Mr Marks added: “We can open this way because nightclubs in particular are among the best equipped venues in the hotel industry, and even before the pandemic, for the exact security measures needed to reduce the spread of the disease. virus.

“These include air ventilation systems at all of our sites that change air every five minutes on average, disinfection stations in all of our clubs, increased frequency of cleaning programs compared to before the pandemic , and highly trained and experienced door staff who are familiar with crowd management protocols.

“Together, these measures mean that clubs are well positioned to open up and once again offer unforgettable nights. “

Earlier Monday, the Secretary of Health Sajid Javid told Parliament that businesses and large events will be encouraged to use the NHS COVID Pass to ask punters for proof that they are double-bitten or have tested negative for the coronavirus, but that it would be ‘no obligatory”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged sites to use the vaccine passport program “as part of social responsibility.”

Government guidelines said the laissez-passer could be made mandatory at a later date if “sufficient measures are not …

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