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COVID-19: ‘Critical’ people isolate themselves when identified as close contact with someone infected with the virus, According to Downing Street | Politics News

It is “crucial” that people self-isolate when identified as close contact with someone who tested positive for the coronavirus, Downing Street said.

A spokeswoman for Number 10 said home quarantine “remains the most important action people can take to stop the spread of the virus.”

It comes after a minister suggested isolation when he is cracked by the NHS COVID-19[female[feminine app should be a matter of decision for individuals and employers.

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Why are so many people being asked to isolate themselves?

Paul Scully, Minister of Business, told Times Radio: “It is important to understand the rules. You must legally isolate yourself if you are on the… contacted by Test and Trace, or if you are trying to claim isolation payments.

“The app is here to give … to allow you to make informed decisions. And I think by giving up on demanding a lot of things, we are encouraging people to really have the data in their hands so that they can make decisions about it. what’s best for them, whether they are an employer or an employee.

But a spokeswoman for Number 10 said: “Given the risk of having and spreading the virus when people have been in contact with someone with COVID, it is crucial that people isolate themselves when told them to do so, either through NHS Test and Trace or through the NHS Application COVID.

“Companies should help employees isolate themselves, they should not encourage them to break the isolation.”

Meanwhile, The Times reported that another Minister of Business, Lord Grimstone of Boscobel, in a letter to a large employer pointed out that the app was only an “advisory tool” and that people did not ‘were not subject to any “legal obligation”.

It is not a legal requirement to isolate if pinged by the NHS COVID-19 app, but official health service guidelines have been that people should “self-isolate immediately” when told. ..

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