Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX will have a range of over 620 miles Car News

Mercedes-Benz has detailed the next steps in its transition to full electrification and has confirmed that its Vision EQXX concept car will arrive in 2022.

Described as “a symbol of our ambition to create the most efficient car,” the EQXX has been touted as a futuristic and heavily streamlined design study that could offer plenty of clues as to what to expect from future Mercedes electric vehicles. .

In addition to revealing the latest preview image, Mercedes has confirmed that it is aiming for an actual range of over 620 miles and a fuel economy rating of over six miles per kWh. Previously, he suggested that the EQXX would have the “longest electric range” and “highest efficiency” of any electric vehicle ever produced.

The main claim made about the prototype at a strategy conference last year was that it would be able to travel from Beijing to Shanghai – a distance of 750 miles – on a single charge. Mercedes would like to stress that range was not achieved simply by using a larger battery and that the unit used in the EQXX will appear in a “future compact model”.

The EQXX development team includes “experts from Mercedes-Benz’s F1 High Performance Powertrain (HPP) division,” hinting at the concept’s leading performance potential.

In addition to details of the EQXX, Mercedes has made a number of announcements regarding its accelerated transition to electrification. From 2022 it will offer a fully electric model in each segment, and from 2025 each model sold will be offered with a pure electric model. Also in 2025, Mercedes will launch three new bespoke electric vehicle architectures for use across its product portfolio: MB.EA for mid-size and large passenger cars, AMG.EA for performance and Van models. EA for commercial vehicles.

Among the flagship announcements was a commitment to build eight new battery factories around the world – including four in Europe – and that investment in combustion engines will decline by 80% by 2026, compared to 2019 levels.


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