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Watch ‘Spider-Man’ hit an Asda worker to the ground in the middle of a huge brawl UK News

Watch the moment a violent brawl broke out in an Asda supermarket where a man dressed as Spider-Man can be seen punching a female worker on the ground.

“Spider-Man” can be seen kicking and punching the worker as a mass brawl takes place down the aisle.

Images on social media show a group of men and women exchanging blows in a violent exchange above a pile of pallets inside Clapham Junction Asda, London.

Police said six people had been arrested as a result of the unrest.

A wheelchair user is pulled away as he punches someone on the ground while a frightened bystander shouts “oh my god”.

Weapons are used like one man beats another with what appears to be a blunt instrument in his hand.

Meanwhile, the man wearing the Spider-Man costume can be seen violently swinging a crutch at someone in the crowd.

The person who shared the images on social media said: “Asda Clapham Junction.

“A bunch of thugs going after colleagues, old people and absolutely disgusting children #ASDA #viral #makethisgoviral.


A second video that has been shared over 4,000 times shows the man in Spider-Man clothing having an Asda worker attacked.

He kicks her before hitting her to the ground.

A social media user who shared the video said: “More videos from the tragic event last night at Asda.

“Ban those thugs from supermarkets and stores.”

A police spokesperson said: ‘We are aware of videos on social media appearing to show a disturbance at a supermarket in Clapham last night.

“Five people were arrested and are still in detention.

“Six people were injured. Investigations are ongoing and we ask anyone with any footage to share it with the police. ”

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