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Morrisons Announces Major Service Expansion For In-Store Shoppers UK News

Morrisons is expanding the UK’s largest supermarket network of ‘next-generation’ fast-charging points for electric vehicles, allowing customers to charge the majority of cars from empty to full in less than 45 minutes.

The announcement coincides with comments made today by AMC Chief Andrea Costelli, who said: “We urgently need to accelerate the deployment of electric vehicle charging points to achieve net zero”

“New generation” fast chargers can charge an electric car up to six times faster than standard charging stations used by other supermarkets.

They will allow customers to recharge their cars even on a short shopping trip or a quick visit to a Morrisons cafe.

A typical 30-40 minute charge will give drivers up to 100 miles of range.

Over the next twelve months, Morrisons will add an additional 100 fast chargers to its network.

Times Series: “New Generation” fast chargers can charge an electric car up to six times faster.  (Morrison)“New generation” fast chargers can charge an electric car up to six times faster. (Morrison)

Having recently installed its 200th GeniePoint quick-charge point, Morrisons also saved 2,000 tonnes of carbon along the way.

The network now offers full coverage in England and Wales, from Redruth at the tip of Cornwall to Amble in the north-east of England. A deployment to Scotland will begin this month.

Andrew Ball, Morrisons Director of Fuel and Services, said: “We know customers don’t want to spend hours waiting for their cars to charge, which is why we made the decision to install the next generation. fast chargers.

“It is important that we continue to offer our customers the ability to charge their electric vehicles while they shop or eat with us.

“This summer, whether they are heading to the coast or visiting the beautiful countryside, customers can rest assured knowing that they are always close to one of our charging points.

Recent figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders show that there are over 450,000 electric vehicles on UK roads, of which around 50% are battery-powered vehicles.

The demand for reliable and fast charging facilities for electric vehicles is increasing and drivers want to see chargers located in convenient places where their vehicles can be recharged while continuing with their daily activities.

Morrisons customers can register to use GeniePoint chargers through the web app, which is free to join.

There are no monthly charges and drivers pay only for the electricity they use, which costs 35 to 39 pence per kWh.

Customers can also pay a charge through the GeniePoint app, available on the App Store or Google Play, or by RFID card.

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