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Domestic abusers will be “tagged” after prison UK News

Perpetrators of domestic violence in London will be “tagged” with GPS tracking devices as a pilot program is expanded to “increase protection for victims,” ​​said Sadiq Khan.

Building on a successful program launched in 2019 that saw criminal offenders with knife tags after being released from prison, the Mayor of London announced in March this year that the program would be expanded to include domestic abusers.

More than 600 offenders have been marked since 2019, including 55 domestic violence offenders since March, following a £ 2million investment from the town hall.

This week, Town Hall confirmed that it will provide additional funding of £ 350,000 which will install 300 additional GPS tracking devices on perpetrators of knife crimes and domestic violence after they are released from prison.

The beacons will allow offenders to be followed at all times, ensuring that they do not violate the terms of their probation, for example by approaching their victims.

The mayor said such measures can “change the behavior of offenders”, while ensuring that those who reoffend are “promptly returned to prison”.

Mr. Khan said: “Tackling violence is about real long-term change and making life better for those at risk of recidivism and violence. This is why I am increasing my investment in GPS beacons for knife offenders and domestic violence perpetrators.

“In London, we saw the impact that marking offenders on release from prison can have in ensuring that they meet the conditions of their release, as well as ensuring that those who reoffend are promptly returned to prison. jail. This innovative program aims to change the behavior of offenders, reduce recidivism and provide increased protection to victims.

Of the 600 offenders tagged since 2019, more than half have successfully completed their probation, while 160 have been returned to prison for violating their release conditions.

The expansion of the program was praised by Women’s Aid, a domestic violence charity, which said “better protection for survivors … is essential.”

Sophie Francis-Canfield, Policy Officer at Women’s Aid, said: “Women’s Aid is delighted that this program recognizes that domestic violence does not end when a relationship ends – women continue to be abused and of violence after abusers leave prison, which is why improvements in execution are so important.

“Better protection for survivors and children who face continued harm is essential, but this must always be provided with the specialized support provided by women’s organizations. Pilot programs, like this one, should have survivors at heart because they are the experts in the ongoing and on-going risk of an abuser. ”

She added that the program would provide “crucial learning” for the government ahead of possible changes to the domestic violence law that could see electronic tagging of perpetrators of domestic violence become mainstream in the future.

Over the past nine months, more than 2,000 suspects have been arrested by a new metropolitan police unit set up to crack down on domestic violence and sexual exploitation.

Metropolitan Police Commander Melanie Dales said tackling violent crime “continues to be the Met’s priority,” adding that the Met was “very aware” of the risks the lockdowns have posed to victims of domestic violence since. the start of the pandemic.

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