Chalk nightclub informs police of fly-fly ads in Brighton Brighton News

s displayed in the city center by prolific flying posters will be removed after a nightclub warns the police.

Angry residents of North Laine, Brighton, have sent complaints to Chalk nightclub after discovering the area was covered in illegal ads promoting nights at their club.

The advertisements had been taped to telephone booths and widows of disused shops, posted on walls and attached to lampposts in the area.

The Argus: Ads posted on Fly for Chalk nightclub in Brighton will be removed

The Chalk nightclub in Pool Valley, on The Haunt’s previous site, said it sent details of those responsible to council and police.

Rob Reaks, a Pelham Street resident, said: “Local residents and businesses work hard to keep North Laine tidy, removing stickers and tags as soon as they appear, to be destroyed by a local nightclub which persists in displaying the entire area – windows, walls and street lights.

“Despite assurances that they have asked developers to follow the rules, nothing seems to be being done and the situation is only getting worse.”

It is illegal to stick printed materials on property or structures in the street, such as street lights or telephone booths.

The Argus: Ads posted on Fly for Chalk nightclub in Brighton will be removed

If you are caught posting, the council may remove your material and you could be fined.

A spokesperson for Chalk said posting advertisements for nights at the club was “unacceptable” and contrary to its terms and conditions.

Responding to complaints, he said: “Unfortunately, we do not promote events ourselves, nor engage in flyers or posters. Therefore, we are not really responsible for those posters.

“However, we are aware of this, we have informed the police and council about them and officials, and we have informed the event organizers that they must be removed if they wish to re-rent the venue.”

The Argus: Ads posted on Fly for Chalk nightclub in Brighton will be removed

Much of the material displayed on the fly consists of publicity parties hosted by the promotion company Global Beats.

When contacted, a spokesperson for Global Beats said: “We have been in contact with the venue and have confirmed that the posters will be removed as soon as possible.

“We gave a number of posters to a group of people in exchange for a guest list and asked if they could put them in normal places such as cafes, pubs and executives. posters, but someone from the group left and illegally pasted.

“This is not a practice that we condone and we will make sure to pay more attention to who we post posters in the future.

“The offending posters will be removed within 48 hours.”

Brighton and Hove City Council, which imposes fines for air shipments, said: “We are working closely with the Sussex Police Licensing Team to combat air shipments and air shipments.

“Anyone seen putting up posters without permission could receive a fixed penalty notice. ”

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