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Rupert Lowe starts speech on BBC licensing rights – ‘don’t see the BBC has a role’ | United Kingdom | New UK News

The BBC’s license fee has come under criticism recently since former BBC presenter John Humphrys wrote a column urging the broadcaster to drop it. Writing in the Daily Mail, Mr Humphrys claimed it was unreasonable to ask TV owners to pay £ 159 a year – as many may not even watch the BBC.

“It is simply unacceptable to charge people a fee for something they may not be using,” the former Today presenter wrote.

His views were echoed on the GB News show as presenter Mark Dolan issued a warning, saying the BBC must change or accept his fate.

On Tuesday, the former Brexit MEP appeared on GB News to add his views.

“In today’s world… I don’t see the BBC having a role,” Mr. Lowe said.

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“Living without television for millions of older people in this country is just not an option given the comfort it gives them and the connection to the outside world. “

“The BBC is faced with a simple choice: change or die,” Dolan added.

Earlier this year, the BBC announced that from April 2021 its annual license fee has dropped from £ 157.50 to £ 159.

The decision to remove the exemption for people aged 75 and over has sparked new controversy in the country.

Payment was due on August 4 and, according to the BBC, there are 260,000 retirees who have yet to pay the fees.

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