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GOOD news for dog owners on National Dog Day today … East Sussex is one of the best places to stay for our four legged friends.

A recent study by Dog Friendly Cottages found that the county is the “perfect” location for German shorthair boxers and pointers, with proximity to the coast best suited for these breeds.

Canine psychologist George Barrett said, “These breeds are active dogs who enjoy the outdoors but may differ in their preferences towards water.

“Adaptable to all terrains as well as places with high traffic, they will take long walks when they are in good health.

“The bustling town of Rye is a great option for German shorthair boxers and pointers.

“At ease in the midst of the buzz, they will also enjoy strolling through the cobbled streets. ”

Matt Fox, founder and CEO of Dog Friendly Cottages, said he saw a 415% increase in bookings compared to the same period in 2019, suggesting that many are taking their pooches on holiday across the UK after the closures across the country.

The company’s research also found that German Shepherds are more comfortable in Northumberland and Yorkshire, pugs like Norfolk and Devon, while Cornwall is the top destination for golden retrievers, cockers , whippets and many other breeds.

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This notice was published: 2021-08-26 13:59:13

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